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A Cruiser’s Guide

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After exploring the remote and beautiful San Blas Islands in Panama, or coming from the jet-set pace of Florida or the Eastern Caribbean, you will find your stay in Cartagena, Colombia, to be unique and enriching. This magnificent city offers safe streets, friendly people and an amazing array of things to see and do. From touring the city’s many historical sites, taking in some culture at the theater, sampling from the myriad of fantastic and reasonably priced restaurants, or spending a day at the beach, “boredom” will not be part of your itinerary here! We hope that this cruiser’s guide will assist you during your stay in Cartagena. “A la orden!”
*Information for this guide was compiled by Cindy Robinson, s/v ANGEL, with assistance from John Halley, dock master.  Please make updates and additions to this guide as necessary to help others in your wake enjoy their stay.


Air Conditioning, 34

Glass, 19.

Radio Nets & Weather, 40.

Batteries, 21.

Haircuts, 50.

Refrigeration, 34

Boat Brokerage,11

Hardware, 24

Restaurants, 57.

Booze, 6.

Haulout Facilities, 10.

Rigging, 36


History & Sightseeing, 48.

Sail Repair & Canvas, 34.

Checking In, 1.

Hose Fittings, 25.

Seamstress, 36.

Cleaning, 38.

Hotels, 53.

Shopping, 58.

Computer Repair, 37.

Importing in Colombia, 43

Spanish Lessons, 49.

Chrome plating 16A

Internet Cafes, 46.

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, 16.

Dive Tanks & Stores, 27

Mechanics, 13.

Surveyor, 11.

Electrical, 14.

Medical, 44

Swimming, 51

Emeralds, 59.

Money, 3.

Telephones, 46

Engineering, 15.

Moorage Facilities, 2.

Theater & Movies, 54

Exercise Classes, 54.

Night Life, 56.

Tour Guides, 62.

Fabrics, 34.

O-Rings, gaskets, seals, 25.

Transportation, 4.

Fiberglass & Repairs, 30.

Out-of-Town, 61.

Travel Agencies & Airlines, 59

Filters, 25.

Outboard Motors, 32.

Veterinary Clinics, 45

Fire Extinguishers, 30.

Paint & Painters, 22.

Foundry, 18.

Post Office, 47.

Welding Supplies, 17.

Fuel, 7

Project Management, 23.

Wood Supplies, 27/28

Galvanizing, 20.

Propane, 7.

General Hands, 9.

Provisioning, 5.


Life raft inspection 31A

Copies, 41.


1. Checking in – What to do first
Cartagena’s port captain does not deal with any yacht captain directly and will insist on the use of an agent.  You will need to talk to your agent any time you would like to move your vessel, be it for pleasure (going to the Rosario Islands) or work (going to the yards). For vessels less than 15 tons the basic charge for checking in (and out) is around $70US. However there may be additional charges applicable for 2 MONTH CRUISING PERMITS(extension valid for 6 months) and temporary importation. Ask for clarification when you check in to avoid misunderstanding at the end of your stay.
Agents (Agencia Maritima)

Cartagena Caribbean Marine Agency. CEL: 3174321065;3205451090; 3154850596 . CENTRO COMERCIAL GETSEMANI LOCAL 123B (also to be found on Catamaran 'LittleWing' CH68 at Club Nautico. Maritime agent Jessica and Paola have recently started their agency and are determined to provide a punctual and attentive service.  Basic charge 75US (not including the Temporary Importation fee or the Certificado de Permanencia -see below)
for more information:

Motores y Velas (Representative David Arroyo)Cel: 313 523 0742 (David).Centro Comercial Getsemani Local 1a-62 is often to be found at Club Nautico ( ) For boats up to 20 tons, the basic charge for checking in and out including Temporary Importation(but not the Certificado de Permanencia; see below) of $90US (check when additional charges may be applied). They will assist in both boat and immigration matters and have provided an attentive and able service. Call CH16.

White Light/ Mundo Mar /Delfina Express/. Cel. 317 729-7367; 301 222 1255; 311 400 6394 Tel: 666 3230. VHF Ch. 68, call “Hansaschiff.” . Basic charge (vessel less than 20 tons, not including the Certifcado de Permanencia) 150,000 pesos (about $85 U.S.), including Temporary Importation/customs clearance and can obtain discounts on certain items. Attentive to the needs of cruisers.

DOCUMENTS YOU WILL NEED (all provided by your maritime agency)

1.Acta de Visita.

> Initial acknowledgement of your arrival provided by the Port Captain's office.

2.Importacion Temporal (see below).

> Customs document. Usually takes 1 week to be supplied though your agent.

3.Certificado de Permanencia.

> (akin to a cruising permit but applicable to stored boats as well), is another document required by the Port Captain, valid initially for 2 months from issue and representing additional confirmation (provisionally supplied through the Acta de Visita provided by your agent on arrival) of the vessels' right to stay in Colombian territory  and applied to all vessels staying more than 8 days. The Port Captain is applying a 154,000 peso charge for the first 2 months (after the initial 8 day stay). After this period, a further certificate will be issued valid for 6 months costing the same(154,000 pesos).

If staying on the docks at Club Nautico or other marina's and yards all your paperwork must be up to date. If your vessel is to stay for longer than 8 days you will to show the 'Certificado de Permanencia' before tying up.

TEMPORARY IMPORTATION FOR YOUR VESSEL (ref:Importacion Temporal-above)
On arrival, your agent will need to apply for a one-year temporary importation permit for your vessel. This can add a modest charge on top of the basic agency fee. Clarify this with whomever you chose as your agent. We understand that you can approach the Customs office (DIAN) directly but this must be done within 2 days of arrival. Verify with agent. This 1 year temporary importation can be extended for one further year in almost all cases.

If departing Colombia on your vessel intending to return be AWARE that your paperwork will need to be renewed entirely when you return. Pet owners should also be aware of new check-in regulations which should be discussed with your agent.

PORT CAPTAIN’S OFFICE BCH Building, 5th floor (Multi-story office building facing Parque Centenario) La Matuna, Av. Daniel Lemaitre, CENTRO.

Upon clearing with immigration, normally you will be issued a 60-day tourists’ visa. This can subsequently be extended on a monthly basis for up to a six month total stay per 12-month period. Time spent outside of the country does not cancel out the time you have spent in Columbia, as in Panama for instance, but instead is added on to your original expiration date. If you are planning to be here for longer than 60 days, remember to renew your visa before the 60 days runs out.

Before going to Immigration for your visa renewal after your first two months here, stop at the nearby bank to pay the fee.
Banco  de Bogota, Caribe Plaza (Mall) or Bancafe Pedro de Heredia, Sector Lo Amador, # 19-204.  Payment is made to Account No. 14299001-9, Codigo 103. The charge for monthly renewal is $48.100 pesos for each passport. Lines in the bank can be long so plan on going early.  (“Prorrogar Turismo” = “to renew a visa”) The counter at the entrance has the deposit forms and a sample of how they should be completed. (If you have any doubts contact your agent)

D.A.S. (Immigration Office), Pie de La Popa, Sector Lo Amador Tel: 656-2524. There are many PUBLIC holidays in Colombia, so it’s a good idea to call first to make sure they are open. Forms are in Spanish, so take a dictionary if necessary. Also your ‘Agencia Maritima’ will be happy to assist.

American Consulate.  Alfredo (Freddie) Gonzales Rubio, Agente Consular de los Estados Unidos de America, Calle 77B No 57-141 Oficina 511, Barranquilla. Tel: 075 3532001 Cel: 310 632 3870. E-mail:
American Citizen Services, US Embassy, Bogota, Colombia. e-mail: (US Embassy warden in Cartagena: Adriana Michele) Cel:  315 731 9050.  E-mail
Panamanian Consulate: Centro, Plaza San Pedro Claver. Tel: 655 1055.
Consulado Italiano: Centro, Calle de Colegio 34-75 piso 2. Tel: 664 1583.
Allianza Colombo Francesa: Centro, Plaza Fernando de Madrid.  Tel: 664 7344.
Germany (Alemania):  Frank Bolle. Crespo, Cra.2 No. 67-143 piso 1, Edificio Cielo Mar. Tel: 656 6080.
España: Centro, Calle Don Sancho No. 36-79, Tel: 664 1644.
British Embassy, Bogotá. Hon Consulate, Cartagena . Graham Binns Tel: 653 8050 Cel: 311 215 5152.

2.  Club Nautico Marina
Meanwhile we apologize to all those that are unable to take advantage (hopefully for no more than a few weeks) of the services normally made available.
Welcome to our family-run marina. Our marina is dedicated to the needs of cruisers and we depend on your goodwill and good-sense.
Some do’s and don'ts:
PLEASE put a shirt on before coming into the restaurant area. Our location in a conservative residential (not tourist) barrio has something to do with this policy. Please be considerate in this cultural melting pot.
PLEASE keep your pets on a leash while in the restaurant area: they can preside only with tacit agreement of the other restaurant users (and our club dog!).
PLEASE BE CAREFUL of unscrupulous persons trying to engage you in dubious activities, particularly prostitution. Child prostitution is totally prohibited (as clearly it should be) and strong action will be taken against any involved. Help Colombia fight this grave problem.

DO NOT  wear expensive jewelry while walking around town.
DO NOT  deal with money-changers on the street.
DO NOT bring people from the street to work on your boat. We have several trustworthy and able hands that can assist. Many of those workers (not all) recommended in this guide can access the marina at no additional cost. This is because they have a history of assisting the marina when asked. Anybody not within this group working on the marina must be approved by us (usually this means professional risks insurance and a 10,000 peso ($5US) daily fee payable each day on arrival at the marina gate).
DO NOT trash bottles. Beer and soft drink bottles (and cans) can be recycled. Return them to the bar.
DO NOT bring your own liquor into the restaurant area (wine is allowed for Sunday Pot-Lucks (NB. Wine only - we discriminate!). The book exchange area is provided for this purpose.
DO NOT undertake major repair work while on the dock. No welding, grinding/sanding of fiberglass, painting (other than varnishing). The boats yards have the necessary facilities, permits and contingency plans for such work to be undertaken.
DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DINGHY IN THE WATER AT NIGHT. Raise it up high out of reach and secure your outboard. The Coast Guard do an excellent job patrolling the anchorage but don't take them for granted.
DO NOT employ minors (less than 18 yrs old) for any reason. It is illegal.

If leaving your boat unattended make arrangement with someone (approved by the marina) to look after it. We will be happy to recommend suitable caretakers. If leaving the country get a letter from your maritime agent declaring that your vessel is here so you will not require an outbound ticket on your return to Colombia.
While we do provide security in keeping with our desire to maintain the informal family ambient, the 'Club' (Club Nautico Cartagena Ltda) will not be held responsible for you personally, nor your crew/guests. Neither will the Club be responsible for your property during your stay here. At all times the Captain/Owner remains responsible for all matters concerning his vessel and property (the Club is always ready to offer assistance).
On arrival we will set up an account (referred to as a TAB) which should be paid each Wednesday or prior to departure. The TAB closes on Monday night each week with Tuesday being effectively the start of the new TAB week. Payment should be made in pesos (US$ only by special agreement).  Any conversions are made at the official published rate of exchange.
We are happy to help but finally the responsibility remains with the vessel's captain. Electricity is either AC 110 or AC 220 (at 60 HZ). Please check voltage and polarity with the assistance of our electrician before utilizing sensitive electrical equipment. ALSO, low voltage can occasionally occur: take measure to protect against this. The Club will not be responsible for consequential damages.
Getting Connected
Cruisers’ VHF Hailing Channel in Cartagena – Channel 68
Phone Calls - To call a local phone from a cell phone you must use the prefix 035.  See Telephones below.

3.  Money
DO NOT USE MONEY CHANGERS ON THE STREETS! Such operations are illegal and you will likely be cheated.
The monetary unit in Colombia is the peso. At the time of this writing, the exchange is 1950 pesos to $1 U.S.  Numerous banks and ATMs (cajeros), are conveniently located throughout the city.  There are good ATM machines nearby (eg. Just inside the local Carulla supermarket and the nearby Banco Colombia).   Most ATMs give only 300,000 pesos per withdrawal.  Bancolombia (below) gives 400.000 and Davivienda (Manga and Centro) gives 500,000.  The ATM at Citibank in Centro near the Exito supermarket allows withdrawals of up to 2,000,000 pesos as a single transaction.
Colombian banks do not accept telegraphic transfers unless you have a checking account with them.  You can go upstairs at the Bancolombia on the corner just past the Carulla Supermarket (Manga) to obtain cash advances on credit and debit cards of up to 3,000,000 pesos (approx $1,500 US). You will need your passport (and a copy of the principal page).
If you really need US Dollars, the Western Union at the Carullo supermarket can provide them, but at a hefty fee.
Security note:
Please be careful taking large sums out of banks.  Using Bancolombia (above) is fine due to its location. Bancolombia (Bocagrande branch) and Banco Occidente (Centro near the Torre de Reloj) are also good choices.  Do not use the banks in outlying shopping malls  for large withdrawals.

4.  Transportation
CN recommends taxi drivers Lorenzo, Fernando, and Cesar, all very experienced in dealing with cruisers’ needs.
Taxi drivers in Cartagena are for the most part friendly and honest, but check on the fare before you take off.  The official rate from Manga to Centro is 5000 pesos, 6000 at night. Manga to Bocagrande, 7000 pesos. Centro to Bocagrande, 5-6000 pesos.  Taxi to or from the airport is 15,000 pesos.  An average hourly rate if you’d like your cab to wait while you do your errands is 25,000 pesos.
Buses run continuously throughout the day along Av. Jimenez from Manga to Bocagrande for 1200 to 1800 pesos, depending on the bus, and whether or not it has air conditioning.
Transport to Barranquilla, a major industrial city 70 miles North East of Cartagena. By Coach from El Terminal de Transporte or Collectivo door to door (Transportes DOYFI Tel: 660 8118 Cel: 300 808 7725 or Barranquilla 370 2633). Reasons for going: American Consulate, Carnival (Feb), Perkins parts etc.

5.  Provisioning
If you’re an early riser, you will hear the neighborhood of Manga come to life with the distinctive cries of the local street vendors hawking their wares—“Mango!  Mandarina!  Aguacate!  Piña!”  Don’t hesitate to buy from them! You might also pick up a “tinto” from one of the boys toting the thermoses. Tinto is a tiny but stout cup of sweetened coffee for a mere 200 pesos.)  Good quality produce, meats and poultry are available from the fine grocery stores throughout the city.  Pork and beef are especially good here.  Treat yourself to “Lomo fino” tenderloin, either “cerdo” (pork) or “res” (beef).  There is not much variety in canned goods. Wines and liquors tend to be expensive in the grocery stores.
Carulla:  Manga, one block east of Club Nautico with clothing, household items, cosmetics, pharmacy, laundry/dry cleaning, film developing & stationery.
     Bocagrande, Calle 14 and Av. San Martin.
     Manga, “Carulla Express”1 ½ blocks east of Club de Pesca.
Carrefour:   Large French Chaín store similar to Walmart. Across the bridge between Manga and Pie de la Popa, then right 200 yards. Caribe Plaza Mall (same as Home Center).
Exito    Large combination grocery / department store similar to Target in the states or Gigante in Mexico. ServiBanca  ATM allows 400,000 peso withdrawal.
     Centro, Sector San Diego near India Catalina statue by city wall.
     Castellana shopping mall (Paseo de la Castellana), the big one!
Makro     Los Ejecutivos. Near to La Castellana shopping mall. Price Costco type store. Bulk buying.
Bazurto (Mercado Bazurto) - Cartagena city market. A huge market that sells almost anything. Inexpensive vegetables. See the map of Manga near the end of this pamphlet.
Productoros Carnicos Aliados (PCA) Manga, corner of Calle California & Porta Av.. Good selection of meats and poultry. Will vacuum freeze pack with a day or two notice.
Jorge Vega Butcher for Donde Olano Cel: 310 659 1985. Really nice fellow and will deliver to your boat. You may need to meet him at the gate if staying at the Club de Pesca.
El Bistro  Calle de Ayos, Centro. Heavy breads - Oatmeal, whole wheat, rye, onion, linseed.  Get there before mid-afternoon or it will be gone.
Leon de Bavaria  Calle Arsenal No. 10-B-65, Centro w/ a blue awning, 664-4412. E-mail: Stefan. German deli and restaurant offering fresh German sausages, German beers and canned foods.
FRUTI DELICIAS Juan Pablo Florez. Cel: 317 220-2850). Vacuum packed concentrated fruit juices from the Valle de Cauca.
Pacho:  Centro Comercial Getsamani, first store on left.   Wines at prices less than in the grocery stores. Also, various other imported food items not otherwise available, at good prices.
Italian Cheeses Giovanni:  Tel: 662-6138, Cel 316 275-2182 or 312 672-5992.  Buffalo Mozzarella, block of Mozzarella, ricotta fresca, provolone, provolone ahumado, parmesano, gorgonzola, sold in kilos. Prices: 23,000 to 35,000 per kilo, depending on cheese. He will deliver to clubs.
The best values to be had for purchasing alcohol in Cartagena are the import stores located in “Contraband Alley” or “Centro Comercial Turistico”, that runs between Calle Larga and Av. Arsenal in Getsemani near the Convention Center.  Prices are substantially less than in the grocery stores. You will also find good prices on various other imported food items not otherwise available.

6.  Propane
Lorenzo, the taxi driver tries to organize gas runs for Monday and Friday mornings.  With 2 or 3 bottles to fill, refills are about 20,000 pesos including his time and transportation. The fill station is 25 mins taxi ride out of town.
Propane Stove and Propane Systems Repair and Service.  Oswaldo Cardenas. Tel: 681 2977. Cel: 310 665 6721. Spanish only. Limited spares.Replaced solenoid valve, cleaned burners on non-working stove SV Caravela.

7.  Fuel (Diesel and Gasoline)
Club de Pesca Fuel Dock:  Tel: 660 4597,  660 6615 “Estación de Servicio”  CH 71 (VHF).  Diesel, gasoline, lubricants, ice, water.  (Nov. 2009, diesel approx 6900 pesos/gal.)
Todomar Marina:  Gas and diesel at the dock opposite the Convention Center, where power boats are stacked 3-high in racks.  May be accessible for shallow draft boats.
Marina Sta. La Cruz, Manga, just before container loading docks.  Accessible by dinghy for diesel and gasoline, plus lubricants.
Fuel and tank cleaning: You can do it the traditional way or you can use the filtering/ recycling/cleaning (fuel polishing) equipment managed by Sr. Mauricio Pretel Cel: 315 897 7351 or 6657654

8 .  General Hands
For boat cleaning, varnishing, head overhaul, running errands, piloting, underwater work, obtaining parts and general repairs, there are quite a number of workers. Most of them are at Club Nautico on the docks, ready, willing and able!  While these men are experienced and hardworking, it is important that you oversee the job to insure your own satisfaction.  The going rate for general repairs and maintenance is 50-70 mil pesos per day. (US$20-30)  Negotiate the price before the job is started.
Please note that you may not bring in outside workers unless they have received prior approval by Club Nautico (the same applies to the Club de Pesca).  It is more likely that permission will be granted for skilled rather than unskilled assistance. All outside workers if accepted, must have ARP insurance.

Alberto Vasques, Experienced seaman. Speaks some English. Great for underwater work and hard deck work. Able dinghy repairs.
Jaimito. Great attitude with great willingness.  Experienced and knowledgeable outboard repairer.
Jose Cana.  Varnishing specialist. Tidy. Dependable and knowledgeable.
Rangel Gonzalez. Cel: 312 6164139 Recommended by 100foot Motor yacht Cavu as Yacht standard varnisher.. Recent complaints from SV Cyrano, Ahri and Liv1. He needs to raise his standards to recover his initial reputation. For now, he should be supervised.
Kiko. When not on Club Nautico duty. Underwater work.
Eduardo Parra. General. Dependable.l need special authorization to work at Club Nautico):
Reynaldo Padilla Cel: 313 644-5883 email: Lulu for many years. Hard worker, trustworthy and knows how to clean without a lot of supervision. $25 a day. Reynaldo also finds hard-to-get stuff, Works in the anchorage or at CN.
Vicderno Chaberra Arroyo. Cel: 310 635 3896; 314 585 4787.  General work. Good attention to detail. (Recommended by SV Simpatica October 2009)

9.  Boatyards/Haulout Facilities
Todomar. Albornos via Mamonal, Carrera 56 No. 5-77. Tel: 668-7220, 668 5282, Fax: 668 7221. www.  (E-mail from this website does not work.)  Instead, e-mail Carlos at, or Cel: 311 651 2977.  Julio is Jefe del Patio.  45 ton travel lift. Slips will take a 10 feet draft (check that they have the stands to accommodate deep draft vessels). Good skills available on site. Good flat-bottomed stands. Big yard, good drainage, gravel so it can be dusty.  One shower, one toilet. 20 minute ride from town.

Ferroalquimar Albornos via Mamonal, Tel: 668 5726   Fax: 668 4145.  E-mail, Also call English-speaking assistant manager, Sra. Pura: Cel: 320 565 3264. AND Yard Manager Fernando. Two travel lifts available (40 metric and 300 metric ton capability). Local calls and use of fax. Armed security.  Toilets, showers, restaurant.  All contracts must be made through the Ferroalquimar offices. Formerly boats were able to contract directly with the work teams. Discuss your projects with them. All their work will be guaranteed.


FerroAlquimar have plenty of experience lifting cats. They now have the use of 2 travel lifts allowing Catamarans of up to 36 foot beam to be lifted. Their cranes could also be used (120 tons).

Manzanillo Marina Club
Bosque, Calle Malaga Diag. No. 53-76 (Sector Zapatero)  Tel: 669 4180, 669 4067, Fax: 669 4070.  e-mail:  VHF  Ch 78. Max draft 7 ft . Travel lift rated to 40 tons but small. A ketch may need to remove its mizzenmast; a sloop must remove its forestay or backstay. Fax/ Internet service. They have a good team of recommended workers. Gelcoat, Fibreglass, Woodwork,and Mechanical work can all be reliably contracted through the marina. Comfortable wash, lounge area. Wifi.

Club de Pesca. e-mail: 30 ton hydraulic lift . Boat stays in the cradle. Max draft 6’0”. Two day haulouts only. A popular option for no fuss haulouts.
The use of a guide from Club Nautico (costing around $25US) is recommended when taking your vessel from Club Nautico to the yards.
Naval Yard (Cotecmar): Bocagrande. Contact: Capitan Garcia, Jefe Comercial. Cel: 315 723 1521  Tel: 665 5354  E-Mail This yard cannot handle fiberglass vessels due to insurance restrictions.
Astilleros Vikingos: e-mail  Excellent skills are available.

10.  Surveyors
Mauricio Salazar  Naval Architect & Marine Engineer.  Tel: 656 6080. Works through DINALCO S.A. (associated with the German consulate) Tel: 656 1027, 656 5186. Established company providing professional surveys for insurance evaluation accepted worldwide. Reasonably priced for cruisers. Contact Manfred Alward, Ship’s Agent (Mundo Mar 311 400 6394) for alternatives.

Captain Victor M. Estevez.  Tel: 665 1822;  665 6248.

11.  Boat Brokerage and Yacht Delivery
Call CN for advice.
Delivery Skippers.
Eugenio Montoya:  On board Spica at CN.
Fabian Arcila  Cel: 300 805 1816.
Delivery Crew
Alberto Vasquez regularly on the docks at CN.  Excellent crew, speaks some English. Has sailed to Aruba and beyond many times, cast iron stomach.


Elvis (el Profe) . Taller Castro. Cel: 313 523 7843. Tel: 674 6422  Casa 661 9581.  Has a very loyal following due to his ability, honesty and reliability.
Francisco Perez  Cel: 314 563 4033  315 626 5304 (Assistant Efren) Good work on French cat.
Diesel Precision:  Av. Pedro de Heredia, Sector Espinal #18B-198. Tel: 656 3060; 656 3085.  Or contact rep. Luis Gomez, Cel: 312 621 6640, who speaks some English.  Specializes in injectors.  Highly recommended by cruisers, inc. Navy Blue (2009).
 Note to cruisers: We need another really good recommendation for engine rebuilds.


Carta Diesel Ltda.  Efraín Florez Vergara; Gerente  Tel: 662 7392  Cel: 310-364 0490. Incl. starters and alternators, impellers, new and used.. (‘Very helpful’ from Cade SV Sandollar).
Agro Diesel del Caribe Ltda. Bosque.  Tel: 662 3169; 669 1388.
Todomar Marina, Bocagrande. Yanmar parts.
Marina Sta. La Cruz, Manga, just before container loading docks.  Volvo and Yamaha parts.
Diesel Power. Tel: 370 1512 Cel: 311 808 5420 Rusmiro Maestre Mejia Cummins, Caterpillar, FP, Mahle. Parts importers for larger diesels.
Casa Inglesa, Barranquilla (70 miles up the coast). Perkins parts.
Agro Ingles. Barranquilla Calle 45 No. 46-141.  Tel: 370 3604 E-mail: Perkins.

13. Electrical
MultiElectricos:  Pie de la Popa, Lo Amador, Cr.20 C34-32 (Opp. Home Mart)  Tel: 656 2111. Lena speaks English. Excellent reputation amongst cruisers.  Helpful and resourceful. Have workshop plus good source of fan belts (all diameters).
Taller Reconstruin. Av. Pedro de Heredia. Sector Cuatro Vientos No. 44c-80.  Tel: 669 8101 Sr. Edwin Puente. Starter motor rewinding and repair.
Turbinas y Mangeras, Pie de la Popa, Lo Amador. Outstanding with hydraulics and electric motor rebuilds.

Laboratorio Electronico Aleman:  Manga, Av. Jimenez, Calle No. 26-18  B19.  Cel: 316 312 7570.  Tel/Fax: 660 4222. (Stands by on Ch. 68) ‘Resourceful and very capable’ (Sven is German and speaks perfect English). Highly recommended.
ITEC Electronica Maritima, Santa Lucia Shopping Center, 2nd floor, Oficinas 1 to 8. Centro Commercial. Tel: 663 3909 Fax: 663 3643. (Standard call out charge 45 mil pesos). Well-equipped HQ diagnostics. (Call Idiana and ask for Carlos).  Technically very able.
Radio Mundo Marino: Getsemani., Av. El Pedregal 25-76.  Tel: 664 2420. Repairs Icom radios amongst other brands.

Emigdio Gonzalez. Speaks good English and is recommended by Capt Alvaro of ‘Katana’, a 65foot Mason. Tel: 657 2703    Cel: 313 587 2064. Did great work on Toto (105 ft Palmer Johnson). (also good with watermakers, hydraulics etc.
Alex Gonzalez.  Cel: 312 635 5673; 316 7778827.  'Great Electrician' (SV Simpatica 2009)
La Casa del Sonido  Matuna, Ave. Venezuela #9-45. Tel: 664 5928, 664 5352, 660 1826. Next to Exito. Switches, plugs, cables, adapters, connectors, jacks, etc.
Electronica Cartagena Centro, Av. Daniel Lemaitre 31-72, bajos del Hotel San Felipe. Tel: 664 3268; 664 7091 Fax 664 3937. (just off Parque Centenario).
14.  Engineering
Ignacio Sierra:  Bosque, Calle de la Giralda, No. 53-16. Tel: 669 4202. E-mail: Managers/Owners  Srs. German and Vicente Spicker both speak good English. Well-equipped machine shop for marine fabrications. Also have swaging equipment.
Taller Palmer:  Calle 2da de Mamonal 21A-119.  Tel/fax 674 3019  Cel: 300 483 4229.  Javier Rios, Manager.  Industrial and naval mechanical engineering. (Recommended by SV Stormbird 2007.)
Taller Kali:  Av. Cristante Luque.  A nearby basic alternative to above. No English. More steel fabrication but also good for custom brass/bronze machined fittings.
15.  Stainless Steel & Aluminum
Bianney Torres. MEGA YATES, Bosque.  Cel. 316 6339418; 3135125759.  (Assistant Julio Miguel). Home Tel: 662 1441. Bianney does very high quality work, consistently delivering what cruisers want.  Highly recommended.
Todomar:  The in-house team at the haul out yard (see Marinas) seems pretty good. Specialists in aluminium welding.
Inox Caribe Ltda.  Tel: 666 5975; 666 6374.
Tubocol. Km 2 Mamonal (just after the bridge).
16.  Chrome Plating & Anodizing
Niquelados Industriales. Freddy Gomez Navarro. Pie de la Popa, Lo Amador, Calle El Progreso. Tel: 656 5903. Good work at reasonable per-piece prices (Akka & Attitude, 2009).
Planta Industrial de Niquelados. Ing. Daniel Coronel  Daniel. Pie del Cerro, Av. Antonio Arevalo No.31B–174. (At the foot of Cerro San Felipe.)  Tel: 666 5124 Cel: 315 684 1004. Also do silver and gold plate, electro galvanizing, anodizing.
17.  Welding Supplies
Soldar Ltda. Bosque, Diagonal 21, by the 'Coko Rico Pollo' chicken restaurant.

18.  Foundry, bronze & aluminum
(When preparing molds be aware that shrinkage can be a problem!)
Fumeco Ltda. Bosque, Diagonal 20  Av. Pedro Velez,  #52–14, Tel: 669 4835. Good for casting propellers.
Eliceo Asebedo. Getsemeni, Calle Pedregal.
Ely Cardenas. Calle Santa Fe,  No. 18 to 40  Tel: 666 1361.  Good detail work (SV Endless Journey).

19.  Glass /Acrylic

TodoBidrio. Av. Escallon Villa Calle 11 de Noviembre, near Plaza de Toros, Tel: 669 8130. (Their Motto:  We spell badly but install great.) Windshield repair and installation.  Sandwich and tempered safety glass.  Will cut to specification.
C.F. Casa Automotrik E. U. Cel: 315 715 7255; 311 411 6698. Sr. Cleyderman.  Can assist with installation of acrylic and other laminates.
20.  Galvanizing Hot Dip
Galvamar. Bosque, Av. Pedro Velez No. 51-70. Tel/Fax  674 1046.   Call Daisy (Directora Admin) Cel:312 626 2229.  Office: 310 355 0080. E-mail: The work is done in Barranquilla. They pick up and deliver for approx 6000 pesos per Kilo. The quality has been good with plenty of zinc (occasionally a chain link may stick because of this).
21.  Batteries
Several stores on Pedro de Heredia have D8 and D4 truck batteries at good prices.
Energias Alternas. Tel: 664 4842  Cel: 3135852214. Calle Largo  Just past entrance to Centro Comercial Getsemeni.  . Fernando is very helpful; speaks English. T105 6 volt golf cart batteries for around $200US. US and Taiwanese made AGMs. May be able to supply VAT exempt (Foreign vessels) solar panels.  Highly recommended by cruisers.
22.  Paint & Painters
Antifouling options: Pintuco, Sika (better known for Sikaflex products) Hempel, Sigma and occasionally Ameron and International. The local product Pintuco in its ablative form for sailboats appears to be as good as the imported products.  It is the popular choice amongst the local sailing community.
PINTUBOL: Zona Industrial de Mamonal, KM3. Jaime Villalba Olier  Tel: 668 5106 Cel: 311-539 0833. This is an industrial yard behind locked gates.  Wear long pants or you will not be admitted.  Not a retail place and very hard to find.  Main distributor for Pintuco products, industrial and naval. Rep. Armanda Alvear Vasquez
Resinas y Pinturas: Av. Pedro de Heredia Sector Toril 22A-141 Tel: 669 2083.
SIKA: Mamonal, Sector Albornoz. Good English speaking technicians. Good basic vinyl high copper antifouling tested by the military. They also have an ablative antifouling
HEMPEL:  Mamonal, Sector Albornoz. Tel: 665 0037.  Contact Ing. Carlos Corral Cel: 315 7362973 (speaks English).  Best results with Black ablative 55% solids. 3 coats or more recommended. They have a non TBT antifouling suitable for Alum boats (check the specs).
SIGMA: Bellavista, Cr. 56 5A-69.  Tel: 667 3370; 667 2647.
Jaime Falquez: Cel: 310 3689116.  Epoxy anticorrosivos and vinyl antifouling (similar to SIKAAlso for antifoulings PINTUCO International, Sigma, Hempel, and Ameron (ablative 52% copper).
Acripinturas del Caribe Ltda., Av. Pedro de Heredia, No. 18-A-25, sector Espinal, Tel: 666 3289. DuPont paints.
Decoraciones el Pintor: Getsemani, Parque Centenario con Calle de La Magdalena. Tel: 664 3165. They sell Pintuco Epoxy similar to West System 4:1 mix .
(Please note that repainting work involving fibreglass/gelcoat  grinding/sanding and gelcoat/polyurethane finishing should be undertaken in the yards not the marinas)

For polyurethane & gelcoat hull refinishing there are various options but quality control vigilance is important. Keep a close eye on your project and an excellent job should be your reward at about 25 - 30 % US prices. These men can do excellent finishing work (although at times may indulge in short cuts so be warned).
Please draw up a written agreement before starting any major project. Be wary of the lowest quotation since when a project starts it may be difficult to maintain the original agreement. Also, contractors at Ferroalquimar may be your responsibility not the yard’s. Unless contracting through the yard itself don’t expect them to bail you out if things go wrong. Most of the teams need supervising on a 2 times per week basis (making sure commitments are kept).

Note: Most of the yards now insist on being the primary contractor so it may be advisable to negotiate directly with the yard rather than the folk that actually do the work.

Flavit and Jaime: Contractors for Ferroalquimar and Marina Club Manzanillo  Cel: 311 427 0960  Recommended by SV Andromeda (major repaint plus sugar scoop transom fabrication(2008)). Also very highly recommended by Catamaran Simpatica (2009)
Jorge Garcia Galvis:  Cel: 315 629 3796 Tel: 662 4873. Painting and fiberglass repair. A good crew based at
Alfonso and Crew based at the Club de Pesca and Ferroalquimar.  Cel: 311 680 3855.  Good work with SV’s Contigo,  Inshallah .
Jose Castro and crew:  Cel: 311 679 3875.  Professional, Honest, Reasonable (SV Asylum).
William Berrick:  Cel: 315 201 4652. Good worker.  Finishes on time and estimates accurately.
Manuel Ortiz: Ask for him at Club de Pesca. He comes with excellent references.
Manuel Francisco Ramirez, “El Curo”. Very willing but needs supervising to ensure ‘yacht’ standards (based at Club Nautico where only minor maintenance jobs can be undertaken)
23.  Hardware and Chandleries
Home Center. Caribe Plaza Mall, Av. de los Lagos, Pie de le Popa. A significant improvement on Home Mart  This is a serious home improvement center 15 mins walk from Club Nautico.   Compare with Home Depot.
Ferreteria Industrial de la Costa. Av. Pedro de Heredia #19-46 Tel: 666 4286 Good selection of tools. Will also fabricate parts.
Ignacio Sierra Taller (workshop). Bosque. Dr. German Spicker. Tel: 669 4202; 6694242.  Cel: 300 810 3869. Stainless Steel / Bronze / Aluminium hardware: bolts, screws, valves , zincs, cutlass bearings, Ppop Shafts. e-mail:
Torhefe  Av.Pedro de Heredia, #19-230. Tel: 666 1753. Large selection of stainless steel fastenings (incl. springs), as well as Stanley Tools.  Also have machine shop in Barranquilla.
La Casa del Tornillo, Av Pedro de Heredia, Sector Los Alpes (just past the Castellana shopping mall). Tel 663 0138/ 651 3720. Responsive customer service.
Aquatico Surtidor Nautico: Manga, Av. Miramar Calle 24 (next to Club de Pesca).  Tel: 660 6418; 660 5338.  Random selection of goods at “marine” prices, inc. Harken, Garmin, Perko brands. Tohatsu outboards.
Marine Sport:  Manga, Av. Miramar Cra 17 Calle14-6.  (next to Club de Pesca, around the corner from the above.)  Tel: 660 8227; 660 8268.  Cel: 315 733-1212. New in 2009.  Ancor electrical supplies, Sikaflex, 3M products, filters, Yamaha outboards.
Ferremarina: Bosque, Diagonal 21, 40–75, Tel: 662 2663; 662 1101. Cel: 301 260-8155; 300 816-8612.  E-mail:  General boat hardware including stainless steel cable and anchor chain. Can source rigging at competitive prices.

24.  Bearings, (O-rings, gaskets, hose fittings)
Multi-Caucho:  Pie de la Popa Cl 32, Av. Pedro de Heredia, Tel: 666 1773, Fax: 666 4839 (suppliers of Sikaflex caulking and ‘Tip Top’ dinghy glue). Can make seals, rubber gaskets to order.
Multi Rodamientos Ltda.:  Av. Pedro de Heredia (next to Mult-Caucho, above) for bearings.
Recorres y Mangeras:  Pie de la Popa, La Subida, Av. Pedro de Heredia. Hose fittings (incl. Hydraulic). Gaskets made while you wait.
Empaques Cartagena: (gasket makers).  Lo Amador, Calle Santander No.20 D45.  Tel: 666 0957.
Colsoportes (gasket makers). Lo Amador Carrera 20c No 32-25. Beside MultiElectricos (highly recommended for alternator and starter motor repairs). Excellent headgasket made for SV Sea Adler.
25. Filters
The following three shops are located next door to each other.  What one place doesn’t have, the others probably will.  All the staff are very helpful.  Limited English but eager to please.
Lubricantes y Filtros Av. Pedro de Heredia 21C-140. Tel: 6661935; Cel: 316 557 0487; 316 619 8169. All types of filters: water and diesel. Shell Lubs. Sikaflex 221, Loctite, Mac Batteries, Racors. Ing. Edwin Villareal.
Solofiltros Pie de la Popa, Av. Pedro de Heredia C21-34, (next to Lubricantes).  Tel: 666 0808.  Big selection of filters.
Filtros y Mas:  Pie de la Popa, Av. Pedro de Heredia (next to Lubricantes).  Cel: 312 6493615; 300 833 3487.  Humberto Guerrera Rivera very helpful.  Has wide variety of paper filters and cartridges suitable for watermakers, plus gaskets and o-rings.
26.  Dive Tanks & Stores
Todomar Marina:  Take your dinghy to the dock opposite the Convention Center where power boats are stored 3-high. Walk through the yard to the other side and you will find a compressor. 7000 pesos for a fill.
Caribe Dive Shop  Hotel Caribe at Bocagrande. Cra la No. 2-87 Local No. 9. Tel: 665 3517.  Also offers dive tours and scuba instruction and certification.
Diving Planet. Laguito, Edif. Alonso de Ojeda No. 2-50. Tel: 655 0154  Beatriz Ossa (Marine Biologist and Advanced PADI instructor) Padi diving courses. Rosario and other sites.
27.  Woodworking (incl: Galley counter mods)
Pilot houses, hard dodgers, interior repairs and remodeling
.Alvaro Castro, “El Cura”. A methodical woodworker capable of fine results. Make sure you work with him the first few hours to avoid possible misunderstandings. You have to be reasonably advanced to understand his Spanish, Tell him to speak very slowly (muy despacio por favor!). Highly recommended.
'Tutti', has done excellent wood and glass work for many cruisers. He knows how to use most tools so if you have a router (which he doesn't) you can trust him to use it. A minor legend amongst the cruising fraternity
Victor Potes. Another outstanding carpenter/fibreglass boat builder.  Has a mold from which he can make a great little sailing dinghy.
Pedro Garcia Bettin:  Cel: 312 292 9083.  Fiberglass repair, fabrication.  Recommended by Tisha Baby, 2009.
Note: The above have authority to use the limited Club Nautico facilities (those mentioned below require a permit although are considered trustworthy).
Nilson Markato: Cel: 316 680 6361; 315 699 9436.  Excellent (SV Runner).  Efficient reliable, punctual, creative.
Daniel Guerrero: Cel: 310 350 5953 (Worked well on Wooden Brigantine GRETA).
Gaston Betruz Fernandez:  Tel: 665 8315  Cel: 315 688 7161  Recommended by SV Makai.
Manzanillo. Re-soled Escapade B and Gonzo 2 (both Morgan Out Islands).  They use Abarco wood to very good effect.
Pedro Castro Barrio. Cel: 316 4630433 318 2472727 311 428 8423   6754158 (Ref: SV Coconut 2009)
28.  Wood Supplies
Home Center: (also listed under hardware.)  Caribe Plaza Mall, Av. de los Lagos, Pie de le Popa. A serious home improvement center 15 mins walk from Club Nautico.
Johny Wood (was Jhon Mejia, just in case the Taxista forgot)   (John is commonly spelled ‘Jhon’ in Latin America) Pie de la Popa, La Subida, Av. Pedro de Heredia.
Escaleras de Colombia: Tel: 662 8392, Javier Camacho owns a teak farm. Good quality.
Maderas Ramos:  Getsemani.
Maderas Carillo:  Getsemani, Cr 10 B 25 -70 Plaza del Pozo, Tel: 664 2802.
'Formaplac'     An exterior grade plywood with a waterproof glue.
HARDWOOD information
‘Abarco’     A resistant  straight grained hardwood used in wood boat construction. Available everywhere. Sometimes, depending on how it is cut, twists a little on drying. Used on Club Nautico’s dock.
‘Ceba Rojo’     Mahogany-like appearance. Resistant, particularly against termites. Takes an age to dry. More scarce than Abarco.
‘Cedro Rojo’    Red Cedar.  Select carefully. A nice wood used for furniture.
‘Roble’     Oak.  Not as hard as American white oak but seems consistently resistant.
‘Teca’      Generally teak is in very limited supply and not of the best quality.
29. Fiberglass, Minor Repairs & Materials  (See also:Woodworking)
Hull repair, modifying chainlockers, propane tank boxes, etc.
Alvaro Castro, “El Cura”:  Ask for him at Club Nautico.
Jose Castro and Crew:  Cel: 310 614 6557.  Recommeded for fibreglass, gelcoat and painting.
'Tutti'. Club Nautico’s high quality mainstay in the past. A minor legend amongst the cruising fraternity.  If needed, you’ll need to plan since the old brigade will go into a ‘feeding frenzy’ to contract him at the very hint of new interest.
Resinas y Pinturas: Bosque, Near Ron Tres Esquinas.
Resinas Y Pinturas: Av. Cristante Luque.
Etonador: Mercado de Bazurta, Av. Pedro de Heredia. Paint and resin/glass supplies. If you're timid take a 'hand' with you. This area is where the poor do their bargaining.
El Cazador:  Mercado de Bazurta, Av. Pedro de Heredia. Can  supply good spearguns (locally made).
30.  Fire Extinguisher Recharging
Seguridad Industrial de Colombia, LTDA: Barrio Chapacua, Manzana H L 25. Gabriel Florez, Tel: 663 0796.
Also..Talk to Taxi driver William. He has an excellent source for refills at good prices.
31  Liferaft Inspection
ASTEMAR Safety Equip.: Tel: 662 8773, 662 1964; 662 5117.  Fax: (95)660 4632  Rudolfo de la Vega, Tech. Manager speaks excellent English. Certified RFD liferaft inspection center. They sell Viking liferafts (about $4000US for 6 person).
32.  Outboard Motors, sales, parts, repairs
Marina Santa La Cruz:  (Eduardo Londono, Ltda.. (5 mins walk South East from Club Nautico) Juan Manuel Diego, Tel: 660 8385, Fax 660 7569  E-Mail  Yamaha spares.
Motomarina: On the Av. Miramar (close to Yamaha market). Suzuki parts.
Jaimito at Club Nautico is competent at fixing most outboard problems and many others besides. He can source parts but you ahould ask for  a receipt from the part supplier (for any kind of guarantee).
Aquatico Surtidor Nautico: Manga, Av. Miramar Calle 24 (next to Club de Pesca).  Tel: 660 6418; 660 5338.  Tohatsu outboards.
Marine Sport:  Manga, Av. Miramar Cra 17 Calle14-6.  (next to Club de Pesca, around the corner from the above.)  Tel: 660 8227; 660 8268.  Cel: 315 733-1212. New in 2009.  Yamaha outboards.
Delemiro Contreras:  Call Reynaldo Padilla for information.  Cel: 312 644 5883. , “Delo” works out of Club de Pesca, excellent repairs on dinghy engines.
33.  AB Inflatables
Formerly manufactured in Venezuela, now Colombia (Barranquilla).
Outstanding Hypalon quality. Available with Aluminum or Fiberglass hull. Can be delivered directly to Club Nautico., Tel: (57 5) 379 5132.  E-mail: info@abmarinegroup. or call JOhn (
34.  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Hermanos Malos:  Av. Pedro Romero 29–130. Tel: 669 3782, 669 3243. Cel: 311 402 8916.  Expert team. Reinaldo and Antonio have a very solid reputation, and are approved at CN.
Nestor Diaz: Taller de refrigeración /air con. Tel: 313 523 6142. ‘Excellent worker, good value’
Pedro Simarra Porras: Barrio Las Caracoles Cel: 300 814 6583; Casa 667 9344.
Refrigeración La Mona.  Barrio Lo Amador 19#32-97. Tel: 658 2899.  Luz Eida Graciano (La Mona). Original parts/spares.
35.  Sail Repair, Canvas, Upholstery & Fabrics
Esteban Perez. Manzanillo, Tapizeria Moderna:  Tel: 310 651 4545; 317 772 9940.  Has established a very good reputation amongst cruisers. Excellent upholstery, dinghy covers and canvas work.  He talks fast so try and get him to slow down to avoid misunderstandings (mas despacio por favor!). In busy months, he can get overloaded so don't overlook the alternatives below if time is a key factor.
Jorge Torres:  Cel: 314 537 6391.  Upholstery slipcovers, fitted sheets, but no canvas work.  A designer, he’ll help with planning as well.  Recommended by Simpatica, Makai 2009.
Benjamin  Herrera: Bosque, Calle Nuevo Granada,21ª90, facing the TCC(an express transport company) Cel:310 655 4739. Tel:  674 5874. Good strong sail repairs and canvas work. Sometimes best to jump in a taxi and go see. Some ability to communicate in Spanish is useful. Often 2 quotes will be presented: one to repair with new material, the other with anything that happens to be more or less suitable.
Victor Herrera Cel: 315 704 2200 or 317 820 4411.  Meticulous work (sail repair, canvas and rope work). Highly recommended by SV Gypsy Wind (also as an ad hoc Spanish instructor).
Renzon Herrera: Barrio Paraguay, Diagonal 24 No. 24-26 (behind the Juan xxiii church). Cel: 313 532 9894.  Brother of the above but independent. Same experience. (some upholstery swork less than perfect, Attitude 2009).
Monica Alvarez: Cel. 311 4243061,  315 773 9435. Cushions, covers.  Beautiful work, but her prices have increased quite a lot.

Calypso:  Centro, Av. Daniel Lemaitre #10C-22-28. (near Exito supermarket just outside the old city wall.) Tel: 664 4582 Fax: 664 0777. Big supply of upholstery and outdoor fabrics, foam rubber and Styrofoam. Acrylics but no Sunbrella.
Las Nuevas Botas:  Centro, Centro Commercial El Cañonazo, Kra 11 No. 32C-49 Apto 19.  Tel: 664 0373 Cel: 315 682 7681.
CoralCosta: Pie de la Popa and Caribe Plaza Mall.  Large selection of household fabrics and decorating items.  First location has more.
Sunbrella can be obtained from Bogota but it’s expensive. Good seconds can be found in Panama at El Tapiz (Panama City) costing Appprox $10US. Tel: 507 262 3926 262 2334 e mail

Taller de reparacion de Todo Tipo de Maquinas de Coser. Turbaco, Barrio Bellavista, Clle Principal No. 13B-76 Tel: 655 5114 Cel: 315 760 3956,  312 677 2058. Denizar Hernandez will come to Club Nautico. Excellent!
Zair Anaya at Multirepuestos:  Centro, Calle Porvenir.  Tel: 664 5401; 664 2411. Another excellent Singer sewing machine repairman.
36.  Seamstresses
Creaciones ROXANA: Centro Comercial Getsemani,N1A 07. ‘Roxy’ does fine work altering and/or making clothes for both ladies/girls and gents.
Johana Fashion.  Inirida Diaz Angulo Nuevo Bosque Mza. 25 Lt 15 etapa 1a. Cel: 300 804 7901.   e-mail
37.  Rigging
There is no (as yet) professional rigging shop in Cartagena (maybe things are changing—see below). The people mentioned below are willing assistents and can offer limited recommendations. We would advise that all cruisers check their rigging themselves, possibly with advice from other cruisers with greater experience.
Richard Brooker from Canada is setting up his business to operate in Cartagena: Regency Marine Services. Tel: 318 852 6453  318 852 7711.  He is a professional rigger as well as being an agent for Doyle Sails and Schaefer furling. We don't know how long it will take Richard to get this business up and running legally but you could call him for advice:
Mario Julio:  A  rigger working at Club de Pesca.
Ariel Palacio:  ,Often based at CN, is a source of willing and competent assistance.
Ignacio Sierra Ltda. Bosque, Av. Pedro Velez,  Can fabricate many useful rigging items for good prices.
Importing rigging can be arranged simply using ( Sailing Services (Florida USA) delivered through a freight forwarder in Miami (see Importing #43). Should take no more than 2 weeks.
38.  Computer Repair/Supplies
Felix Malo: Cel: 311 410 5647. skype Felbad Very capable and often at CN in the morning.  Felix fixes hardware and software problems including wifi configuration issues. Speaks reasonable English. (Highly recommended by Lulu and Akka, 2009.)
Compusisca: Centro Comercial Bocagrande (by the cine complex). Tel: 665 5011, 665 2030. Some English spoken. Competitive, Competent and well organized. (Well recommended by SV Cherokee II, May 2007.)
Centro Commercial Getsemani.   The area off of Calle Largo is flourishing with repair facilities. Fair prices.
Sistematica Telematica Ltda.  Tel:  664 0603; Fax: 664 7736. (BILLING, Manager) 315 665 9828 Fluent English speaking techs are hard to find but the language of computers is pretty universal.
COMPUCLINICA:  Tel/Fax 664 1147 Cel: 316 816 6253. Technician Javier speaks very good English..
U.S. Computers:  Manga, Km 15 No. 26-76. Tel: 660 4080. Rodrigo Pretelt Lemaitre, Gerente, speaks English.
MULTI SISTEM SERVICE:  Manga. Tel: 660 7946 Cel: 310 647 9696. e-mail: Good for software and hardware installations. Try Leandro. Genial but speaks little English (outside of Compuspeak).

Centro UNO, Centro, Avenida Venezuela, Sector La Matuna,  Second floor of this “mall” is full of computer stores. Try COMPULAGO Tel: 660 2294. Rep. Luis speaks English.
39.  Cleaning (see also General Hands)
Lavamos C.H. Manga, Av. Jimenez No.20-55, Tel: 660 4020, Sr. Cesar Herrera.
LavoMatic:  Manga, inside Carulla supermarket (also does regular laundry). Open 8 am – 8 pm, Mon-Sat.
Lava-seco: Manga, Calle Real No.21-23, Tel: 660 6131.
Costamatic: Centro, Av. Daniel Lemaitre, Cl 32 No.9-60, beside Banco del Estado (multistory building).Tel: 664 6488.
40.  Charts
For the Islas de Rosario chart, go to the Club Nautico office.
Escuela Naval Hydrographic Dept. CIOH, Manzanillo. Tel: 669 4104.They have a beautiful chart books (Colombian Charts) available at very reasonable prices. Charts are high quality. Worth a visit.
41.  Radio Nets and Weather
David Jones Weather:  0730 local time on 8104.0, 0800 local time on 12.365
Herb (Southbound 2)  at 1430 local time on 12.359.
George. 06.15 local 7241LSB switching to 7086 LSB at about 06.25 local.
Caribbean Weather Net (Ham)  at 2230 & 1030 GMT on 3.815.
Central American Breakfast Club. At 13.00 GMT (0800 LT) on 7083 LSB.
Panama Connection Net at 1330 GMT, 0830 local time, on 8107.0 USB.
BBC World News airs in the morning on 15.190 @0630 local time. This is the source of the above weather info.
42.  Copies
There are many places to get copies made in Manga, Centro, and Bocagrande.  The internet café at the Carulla supermarket in Manga makes copies of regular-sized documents. For special needs:
Ingenerio Y Deseno. Centro Commercial Getsemani. Tel: 660 2473. Upstairs at Calle Larga entrance. Excellent value and quality and only a short walk from CN.  They can copy any size chart.  Ask for Alvaro who speaks English.
Aurora: Centro, Calle de Colegio/Porvenir, next to the University law school.
43.  Importing into Colombia
Normally orders for ‘Yate en transito’ over 1000 US or 18kilos weight will be held in Bogota awaiting custom clearance involving a paper trail involving your ship’s agent and roughly 150US in clearance/warehouse fees (plus a 2 week wait). An alternative to this tedious bureaucracy is to contact Javier Hoyos (see below) who can arrange delivery and clearance with a minimum of fuss at very competitive rates.

Javier Hoyos,:Tel: 315 731 9614, 313 599 9636, Phone/Fax: 660 4863.  E-mail: Javier has made importing into Cartagena comparable to services available in Panama. Javier’s office is at Club Nautico. Contact to receive mail and to import goods for yachts in transit.  He  speaks good English. Tell him exactly what you’re planning to import (including dimensions) and whether insurance is required. Follow his instructions to the letter.

Fedex is your clear choice for urgent deliveries, getting credit cards, etc. The others don’t measure up (yet).

International Business Cargo (freight forwarder): 5151 NW 74th Ave., Miami, Fl. 33166.
Contact: Kathy Castillo (in Miami) e-mail:  Tel. 305-592-9602.
            Kathy comes well recommended by several efficient and responsive operation providing an economical delivery service (customs cleared). Shipping every Friday from Miami (3 days to Barranquilla). Prices and further info from Kathy (above).
Effective February 2009, the customs office (DIAN) has disallowed tax free 'yacht in transit' status for goods delivered through express delivery companies such as FEDEX and DHL unless passing through the customs clearance process mentioned above (taking 2 weeks to clear and costing approx $150US with assistance from your nominated 'Agencia Maritima').
Fedex is your clear choice for urgent deliveries, getting credit cards, etc.
44.  Medical
A full range of medical facilities are available in Cartagena. Dental work is excellent value with the most up-to-date equipment; well trained dentists, many having trained at the University of Cartagena with its national reputation as a center of excellence. Cosmetic surgery and skin cancer treatment are good, as is Lasik eye surgery, which corrects near and farsighted vision in an operation barely lasting 10 minutes and burning a surprisingly small hole in your pocket! (Usually there is at least one fellow cruiser around to quiz on their experiences).
Pharmacies are everywhere and you will find most of your prescription needs available and reasonably priced.  Prices vary considerably among the pharmacies, and even among branches of the same pharmacy.  It pays to shop around.  Many drugs that are prescription only in other countries can be purchased over-the-counter in Colombia.  Most pharmacies have reference books to find a generic equivalent of name-brand drugs.
Clinica AMI (Sala de Urgencias):  Pie de la Popa, Cr 21 30, Calle de la Candelaria, Tel: 656 2854, 666 2760.  See Dr. Jaime Ambrad  below, under Cardiovascular.
Medihelp Services Colombia: Bocagrande, Cr.6 5-101 Tel: 665 2538,665 2549. Best equipped, if cost is no object
Hospital Naval:  Bocagrande, emergency clinic. A military hospital open to general public.
Hospital Bocagrande:  Bocagrande, Calle 5 & Cra. 6.
Clinica Urgencias:  Manga, Av. Jimenez, Tel: 660 4588. 24 hr. emergency clinic.
Clinica de Fracturas:  Manga, Calle 26 No. 15-73 across the street from Clinica Urgencias. Tel: 660 5652, 660 6011. Emergencies, x-rays, reconstructive surgery, lab.
Clinica AMI S.A., Sala de Urgencia:  Pie de la Popa, Cr 21 30, Calle de la  Candelaria.  Tel: 656 2854; 666 2760.  See Dr. Jaime Ambrad  below, under Cardiovascular.
Maria Auxiliadota:  Clinica de la Mujer, Alcibia, Av. Pedro de Heredia, Tel: 662 4954.  Women’s clinic.
(These Clinics are all private: there are public hospitals but with limited facilities)
Dr. Jaime Ambrad: Cel  315 623 1176  Tel:  656 2854; 666 2760.  Pennsylvania trained physician specializing in cardiovascular and thoracic complaints. Dr. Jaime is a fellow sailor, keeping his boat at the Club de Pesca and has always been very helpful towards cruisers. His clinic (AMI see above)) is fully equipped.
Luis Miguel Covo Segrera:  Bocagrande, Centro Medico, Calle 5 No. 6ª. Tel: 665 0410.  Cel: 312 6697144. Speaks English. Excellent references.
Dental Spa, Felipe Frieri:  Bocagrande (Castillo Grande), Av. Pinango Calle 5A #6-108. Tel: 665 2778  Cel: 303 535 7602 Best to contact by e-mail, suggesting a time/date; he responds quickly. Speaks English. Highly recommended by many cruisers (2009).
Ramirez Acosto Ricardo (known as Dr. Ricardi):  Centro Medico Los Ejecutivos (a good residencial area 15 mins taxi ride away), Consultorio 201. Tel: 661 3455. Speaks a little English only. A one-stop dentist: root canals and crowns a specialty.  Very careful/methodical work, and great value. Great feedback.
Yesica Fajardos, Dental Plus: Manga, CrA 17 Av. Pastellilo. (next to Mimo’s ice cream.). E-Mail: Tel: 660 5366. Cel: 300 271 3358.  Great and convenient for routine cleaning.  Mixed reviews about more extensive work.
ENDOCRINOLOGY (Edoctrinologist)
Villalba Yabrudy Ladina: Centro Diagnostico Cardiologico, Castillo Grande Cl. 5 No.6-47. Tel: 655 0515. Some English.
Luis Fernando Padilla, MD:  Centro Medico PRISMA Consultorio 501  Tel: 665 6425. Very well equipped, modern clinic. Very competent young doctor who speaks good English. Recommended by SV New Morning.
Faustino Espana Fernandez:  Centro Medico Bocagrande, Calle 5 No. 6ª-19, Consultorio 504. Tel:  665 4900. Had the grace to recommend the above when his English was found wanting. For Spanish speakers well recommended.
 GYNOCOLOGY (Ginecologist)
Orlando Bustillo Jr. MD:  Centro Medico Bocagrande,  Unidad de Ginecologia y Obstetricia, Calle 5 No. 6ª-19 Consultorio 308.  Reservations 655 5733;  Cel: 315 734 0835. He speaks English though his staff does not.  Recommended by Patience, Akka, (2009).
Dr. Nestor Martinez Pizarro: Centro Medico Bocagrande, Ginecologo/Obstetra Consultorio 503. Tel: 665 7369. Cel. 315 760 6539  E-mail: US trained.
Note for women and those who love them:  There is a blood test for early detection of ovarian cancer called CA125.  This is generally not available or ordered in the US because of possible false positive results.  However, it is the only early warning test available, so. With the understanding that a positive result may be false and a re-test should be performed, you may want to take advantage of the ability to have this screening while in Cartagena.
Dr. Alvaro Perez MD:  Centro de Glaucoma. Getsemani, Calle Larga, No 8b-148.  Tel: 664-3011.  E-mail:  He is an ophthalmologist and his wife is an optometrist.  ('I would highly recommend his services.' SV Will o the Wisp.)
Optika Reflejos: Centro, Calle Roman No 5-38.  (Through the clock tower gate, it's the street on the far right of the big building of shops.) Tel: 664 9634 , 664 0272.  Dra. Gloria Amparo Diaz, the owner, is charming and her exam was very thorough. Prices were 30 to 25% cheaper  than Caribe Plaza   Centro Comercial Bocagrande opticians.'Service was quick and all of the staff went out of their way to help, despite language differences'. Very good value.
Jaime Valiente, MD:  Centro Medico Comfenalco.  Cel: 310 367 6817. Very good English, Excellent care (Suzanne, SV Trio).
Edgardo Rivera, MD: Clinica AMI , Pie de la Popa. Tel: 656 2747. Speaks very good English. Runs and attends med conferences in the US.
Clinica ASIMED: Manga, Av. Jimenez. Tel: 660 9461. Advisable to make an appointment before going. Some Spanish useful.
Dr. Pedro Camacho Lopez:  Centro Medico Bocagrande, Consultorio 507.  Tel: 665 2318, 665 1363 ext 57 Spanish speaking only but works closely with CN favorite Dermatologist Dr Covo Segrero who speaks excellent English.
Luis Eduardo Bermudez: Tel: 483 7165; 213 5125; 691 9021 (in Bogotá).  E mail:  Works with clinics in Bogotá and Cartagena. Highly recommended by Australians Ernie and Julie (SV Sovereign 2).
Clinica Oftamologica de Cartagena: Pie de La Popa, Calle 30.  Tel: 656 0290; 656 0291,, Drs. Rolando Bechara & Carlos Alfonso. An excellent deal with surgery for both eyes costing about $700 US. Plan for 6-7 visits to the clinic plus one to another clinic for an electrocardiogram. Approx 3 weeks total.
There is also a new technique implanting a replacement lens that enables 20/20 stereo vision for reading and long sight. This is available for around $3000 dollars US for both eyes.
UROHELP:  Bocagrande Centro Urologico Integral Cr.6A N0.5-101.  Tel: 665 7565.  E-mail:  Dr Gabriel de Leon Manotas. Very well-equipped and efficient.  Dr Gabriel speaks some English and has an effective interpreter.
Dr. Antonio Velilla:  Centro Medico Bocagrande, Cr.6A N0.5. Tel: 665 7290.
Jorge Vasquez Ramirez, MD  Manga, 4 Callejon #26-56.  Cel: 315 727-6415; Tel: 656-3701.  Close to Club Nautico.  Orthopedist, specializing in foot and heel problems, Sets broken bones, does physical therapy.  Highly recommended, 2009. Spanish only.
Rehaz/Physical Therapy C. Mover: (near Castillo San Felipe) Pie del Cerro, Barrio El Espinal,  Calle 30 No. 14-43. Tel: 646 4664  656 0494. Excellent 1 on 1 care.  Complete P.T. center with modern equipment. Spanish speaking only but usually there are English-speaking clients available to help out. Charges approx 30,000 pesos per session ($15US) (info Suzanne, SV Trio.)
Dra. Liliana Bajaire: Centro Comercial Bocagrande. Recommended by Dr. Jaime Ambrad.
Sra. Ericka Zabaleta  (massage therapist): Manga,  Tel: 660 6592; 666 2509 (Casa).
Chiropractor (Quiropraxis)
SIMILIA.  Dra Katya Velez Garces and Dr. Aristides Alfonso  Sector B i f f I, La Providencia CR. 71 No. 31-145  Tel. 661 8148  Cel: 301 424 5011   300 609 8914
There are many labs from which to choose.  Here are some suggestions:
Laboratorio Clinico: Centro Comercial, Getsemani, 2B-04 second floor.  Tel: 664 4546. Dr. Javier Palacio Vargas speaks some English.  All the usual tests:  blood, urine, throat, cultures.  Easy 10 minute walk.  Results in 24 hours.
Escanografia Bocagrande  Calle 5 #6-111 (across from the Centro Medico.  Tel:  665 7736; 665 3436.  E-mail:  Dr. Arnold Puello Benedetti.  Latest equipment for mammograms and sonograms.  Little English spoken by reception staff, but very accommodating to foreigners, offering discounts (mammograms for 130,000 pesos in 2009.)  No referral (prescription) is needed.
CENTRO Integral de Vacunacion: Edificio(building) Citibank, Piso (floor) 4. Cel: 300 818 7100; 316 317 3629.  Offers all the major vaccinations.

ORCA:  Next to C.Mover (See above under Physical Therapy).

A health and legal note concerning prostitution:
AIDS continues to be a risk. Club Nautico has a policy against the use of our premises for soliciting and may prohibit the entry of certain persons plainly engaged in prostitution, particularly those dressed accordingly. Club Nautico is strongly against (as is the law) the involvement of minors (less than 18 years old) in prostitution. Identification may be requested in certain cases; tact being of secondary consideration.
45.  Veterinary Clinics
Note! Heartworm is alive and well in Colombia! Be sure your pet is treated monthly.  Also, ticks are plentiful here.  “Frontline”, an effective topical flea and tick medication that is applied every six weeks or so, is readily available at vet clinics and pet stores.
Mascotas:  Manga, Av. 4a #18, B 03. Tel: 660 5026; 660 6344. Dr. Santa Maria. Excellent clinic open 24 hrs. for emergencies with on-site lab and x-ray. Recommended by Verite,2009
46. Telephones.
Colombia Country Code:  57.
Phone booths are plentiful.  Phone cards can be purchased in the marina office, grocery stores and from street vendors wearing advertisement aprons. A call to the U.S. using one of Columbia’s long distance direct-dial companies (005+1+area code+number) runs about 80¢ a minute. A cell phone can be purchased at many places, including nearby Carulla supermarket. You can make international calls using the internet through the Skype service at the Internet café at Carulla supermarket. Carulla also has phone booths facing the check outs where international call/faxes can be made.
To place calls to fixed line phones from a cell phone, dial 035 before the 7-digit number.
International calls from cell phones.
Each cell phone company has a different access code for int’l calls:
Comcel:  00 444 (then country code and number)
TIGO:    00 414 (then country code and number)
Movistar:  00 9 (then country code and number)
47.  Internet Cafes
There are many internet cafes in Manga and Centro. To name just a few:
Internet service at Carulla supermarket:  Efficient broad band service, including international calling via Skype. Also does photocopying, scanning and laminating.
Red Colombia: (close to Club de Pesca) Manga, Av. Jimenez Edif. Ana Teresa, Local 2. Diagonal to Davivienda. Machines with Linux and Windows. Scanner available. Open everyday. Tel. booths and photocopying. 2500 pesos an hour. Open every day.
Discos Cartagena:  Manga, Calle Real No 19-89, A block past Carulla. Uses Windows and Linux. 4000 pesos per hour.  Closed Sundays.
.CaribeNet:  Centro, Calle Santo Domingo No.3-19. Large, comfortable.  Coffee and snacks are available.  2200 pesos per hour.
Using Club Nautico’s WI FI hotspot
To connect: First, make sure you have an up-to-date antivirus program installed. Second, find your wireless card physical address (Mac address) and give it to John (Dockmaster):
Windows:  Programs>Accessories>CMD: then enter ‘ipconfig /all’  (without the quotation marks: note that between g and / there is a space). The wireless physical (mac) address has 12 alphanumeric digits.
Macintosh: Open ‘About This Mac’ in the Apple Menu, choose ‘More Info’ then ‘Network’  The Mac address is the Ethernet Address of your Airport.
If using the restaurant at Club Nautico please understand that you may be asked to relocate if there is insufficient space to accommodate restaurant customers. Also, this area is not available for internet use after 9:00 pm. This shouldn’t be a significant issue since the purpose of CN’s hotspot is to allow people to connect from their vessels (with USB antennas, if necessary).
48.  Post Office
On the road leading to the perimeter wall from Plaza Telecom. Don’t use the post box outside; have your letters franked by the attendant inside. The office of Summa Avianca facing Citibank, Centro also handles Airmail. It ain’t cheap!  Airmail to and from Europe took 20 days each way in 2009.
49.  Tourist Information
There is a tourist information booth just inside the Torre de Reloj gate to the Old City (Centro).  The main tourist information office is in Plaza de la Aduana.
At the tourist information offices and at many hotels, you can get:
Donde:  A free monthly magazine (in Spanish) with maps, and information about special events.
Background reading about Cartagena
Cartagena de Indias, City of a Thousand Wonders  A tourist guide that can be found in small shops selling tickets for boat rides and in racks at newspaper and magazine stands.
A Brief History of Cartagena, by Eduardo Lemaitre. The green copy is in English and available from El Palacio del Inquisicion in Plaza Bolivar. An excellent, readable short history of the city from its discovery through to colonization with its gold, pirates, independence, and days of the republic.

Many knowledgeable tour guides eagerly await your business. As “personality” factors into the success of a trip, be it a half-day city tour, eco tour, or emerald-buying spree.  We feel it’s best to advise you to ask others who “have done it”, who they used and how they fared.  Be sure you clearly state your desires—what you have in mind, and settle on the price before leaving.

Some highlights
You can spend weeks exploring this fascinating city – don’t forget to carry your camera! While every church is worth exploring, make a point of visiting San Pedro Claver in Plaza de San Pedro Claver, and the Cathedral in Plaza Bolivar. Here are some of the historical highlights that should not be missed:
Museo Naval:  Located in Plaza Santa Teresa, just behind Iglesia San Pedro Claver.  Iris is an excellent English-speaking tour guide and can explain the many interesting displays. He is also available to give a walking history tour of the center.
Museo de Oro:  Plaza Bolivar.  Free admission.  With more than just gold, the museum has interesting models of Indian communities and an historic overview of the Zenu society and their amazing flood control, gold and weaving. You can ask for an English overview of each of the 3 exhibit rooms. Closed Sundays and Mondays.
Palacio de la Inquisición:  Plaza Bolivar. Fascinating and gruesome.
Castillo San Felipe:  The largest fort in the city, this makes for a great early morning walk. Beautiful view of the city. Seeing this on a “cruise ship day” should allow you to tag along and have a guided tour! Bring a flashlight—it’s riddled with tunnels!
Museo de Arte Moderno:  Plaza de San Pedro de Claver. Beautiful gift shop next door featuring fine quality Colombian craftwork.
Teatro Heredia:  Check for special cultural events in a classical setting.
Centro de Convenciones: Modern event center.
El Convento de la Popa:  For its history and panoramic view of the city, La Popa is a must!  A taxi can take you up; the drive is breathtaking!  Do not walk up or down from here – the barrio at the bottom of the hill is said to be very dangerous!
Casa de Pedro de Heredia.
50. Spanish Lessons
Amaury Martelo:  Has been teaching cruisers successfully for many years. Normally found mornings at Club Nautico.  Cel: 313 5263910.  Home 662 8658 (prefix 035 if calling from a cell phone).  Highly recommended by cruisers.
Oscar Quintana  Cel: 300 846 9805 Recommended by SV Glide. History graduate. Good preparation.
Universidad Tecnologico de Bolívar:  Manga, Calle del Bouquet Cra.21 No. 2-92. Tel: 660 6041 Ext. 433 Fax. 660 4317. E-mail: Their base in Manga offers occasional intensive Spanish classes (summer school).
Ask at the CN office for other ideas (there are generally 10 cruiser students enjoying morning classes at CN).
51.  Haircuts, Manicures, Pedicures
Luz Guerrera Peluqueria Manga, Av. 26, just before you get to Laboratorio Aleman.  Tel: 660-5542; Cel: 311 400 3004.  No English, but Meybi gives good haircuts.  Manicures, pedicures also available. (Used to be next to Danna’s pizza.)
IMAGENES (Federico):  Centro, Sector La Matuna. Centro Comercial Invercredito, Local #19. Cel: 300 836 6338  Fabulous, with a great personality but speaks almost no English.
Caribian: Manga, Av. de la Asemblea No.27-71. Tel: 650 0040 Cel: 300 801 8571.  Contact: Delcy (no English). Unisex, Facials, foot/hand spas, sauna, etc.  5 mins walk to spoil yourself,
Barbaria Rex  Centro, Calle Estanco on the corner of Calle Coliseo.
Gladys Romero: Tel: 652 4581. A fine local woman who will come to your boat for manicures & pedicures. (Recommended by Lulu 2009).
Diego Moya: Bocagrande, Avenida San Martin 9-96.  Tel: 655 1518.    Haircuts, massages, manicures and more.
52. Swimming
Feeling land-locked in the marina?  For you water-lovers, there are some options!
Bocagrande  The beaches on Bocagrande are all free and open to the public.  They are, however, often overrun by vendors offering foods, massages, cabanas, etc.
La Boquilla:  You can spend a great day at the beach here too.
Hotel Charleston. Cruisers welcome to enjoy their fabulous rooftop pool—talk about a view!  Also upscale.  Show your a appreciation by a purchase at the poolside bar or restaurant in exchange for the showers, lockers and towels.
Hilton Hotel  Bocagrande.  Looks out-dated, but has several beautiful swimming pools and a very nice section of private beach. $12US buys you a day’s access to their recreational facilities.
Hotel de Las Americas. 'Hotel to the soap opera stars'.  Pool/day passes available for $25 US per person.
Hotel Caribe:  Bocagrande.  Day passes or monthly passes (75,000 pesos) give access to the pool with swim lanes, lounge chairs, gym and showers.  Great deal!
53. Hotels (5 star!) and Hostals (2/3 star)
Hint:  Hotel tour offices are a good way to book a day trip or week-long getaway.
Hotel Caribe: Bocagrande, Tel: 665 0155; 665 1160. The “Grand Dame” of Cartagena’s hotels, it has 40’s charm with modern facilities. Unique grounds with caged animals and birds. Laned swimming pool.
Hotel Santa Clara: Centro, Plaza San Diego, Calle de Toro, Cr 8 #39-29. Tel: 650 4700; 664 8040. Exquisitely restored convent with fabulous grounds and services. Don’t miss at least seeing the bar with tombs down the stairs! If you need to ask the price….!!
Hostal Tres Banderas:  Centro, Calle Cochera del Hobo #38-66.  Near Plaza San Diego. Upgraded to Hotel status. Costing around 160,000pesos ($80US) per night. A/C and Cable. Breakfast included. Colonial ambience, great location.
Hotel Casa la Fe: Centro, Calle segunda de Badillo #36-125.  Tel: 6640306 style, beautifully restored. Run by ex sailor Geoff Chew and his wife Carmen.
Hotel (Hostal) Casa de las Palmas:  Getsemani, Callejon de las Palmas (40yds off Calle Larga, ). Tel: 6643630; 664 1765. Family atmosphere. Nice ambience, Rooms incl AC, cable TV start at 125,000 pesos ($65US) inc. b’fast. Close to marinas.
54.  Exercise Classes
There are a surprising number of opportunities to join an exercise class within walking distance to your marina! Call for times as they may change.
Walk the Wall!   If you’re an early riser you can make the perimeter of the entire old city before it gets too hot! Later in the day, wait until about 4pm. The walk from Manga around the wall and back is approximately 8 miles. The wall alone is 4 miles.
Yoga:  Manga Centro Armonico de Desarrollo Humano, Callejon Santa Clara, Cra 19. 24-37. (A block from Club Nautico.)  Tel: 660 4827.  E-mail:  Owner/instructor Eduardo teaches in Spanish with a smattering of English. Excellent manner and teaching style. Delivers the essence of yoga — nonjudgmental awareness, detachment, connection between the exterior and interior worlds. Also dance and martial arts classes, aromatherapy, acupuncture, Reiki treatments. MWF at 7 AM.
Aerobics:  Aerobic class outside at the south end of the malecon, weekdays at 5AM.
Yoga and T’ai Chi Classes:  Manga, 4 Callejon de Manga #27-82. Tel: 660 0690.
Bodytech Centro Deportivo:  Caribe Plaza Mall. Very well-equipped and trendy exercise club.
Fitness Venture Gym:  Bocagrande,  Av. San Martin Centro Cial. El Pueblito,  2nd Floor. Tel: 655 0792/ 665 5979.  (There is no sign so just go to 2nd floor). Very well-equipped, great atmosphere and instructors.  Highly recommended by SV Bruja.
55.  Theater & Movies
CineColombia:  Caribe Plaza Mall. for showtimes and reservations.  Multi-screen.  Most U.S. films are in original language with Spanish sub-titles, except kids’ movies which are dubbed.  Wear a sweater – the a/c is fierce!
Teatro Heredia:  Centro, Cl 323 Plaza de Aduana. Check the local newspaper, El Universal, for concerts, dance and ballet.  This elegant theater is located in a lovely part of the old city. The shows are often very special and worthy of a stylish night out.
Cinema Bocagrande:  Bocagrande on Av. San Martin,  One screen.
56.  Night Life
In Cartagena, the night is young at 11PM, so if you partake of the night life, plan on staying up late!  (And if you do, use good judgment and take a taxi back to the marina.) Bocagrande is the place to be for tourists’ bars and discos.  In Centro, the old city, you will find many off-beat places that cater to the large student population.
Baluarte de San Francisco Centro, Plaza Santa Teresa with a beautiful view on top of the wall across from the Hotel Charleston. A great spot to enjoy an after dinner drink, live music and Spanish dancing.
La Tarzana:  Centro, Plaza de los Coches. 100% Salsa Club.
Quiebra Canto, Café Galeria:  Getsemani, Cra 8B25-110, Edificio Puerta del Sol. Tel: 664-1372. Beside the old Teatro Cartagena facing the avenue between Parque Centenario and Muelle Pegasus.  Typical salsa bar. Plenty of local color and a good mix of people. Nice view from the balcony.
La Havana: Getsemaní, Calle Media Luna y Calle del Guerrero.  Live music in typical Cuban ambience.  Good & of course, expensive) mojitos.  Dodgy neighbourhood – use taxis to and from.
Av. del Arsenal Playa:  The street along the waterfront in Getsemani on the way to Centro has many clubs, bars, and eateries.
CoMarCa, Ltda.  Centro, Plaza Santo Domingo No. 3-16.  Tel: 664 9960.  A fabulous collection of fascinating boat artifacts dating back to who-knows-when! A true treasure trove for the ‘old salt’ in you!  Its owner Alvaro Sierra is a fascinating host.
57.  Restaurants
Where to begin? With such a variety of restaurants in Cartagena—Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern and more, deciding to eat out poses a problem--“Which restaurant tonight?”  Most restaurants here charge a 15% tax and the standard tip (“propina”) is 10%.  Many restaurants add the propina onto the bill – it’s your responsibility to check.  And like restaurants in other Latin American countries, it is necessary to ask for ‘la cuenta’, the bill, in order for it to be brought to your table when you have finished your meal. Don’t plan on eating dinner much before 7PM as many restaurants don’t even open till then or later, and you’ll likely be the only occupied table at that time!
Small restaurants throughout town advertise ‘comida corriente’.  This is typical Colombian fare, usually a complete meal including soup, rice, patacones (fried plantain) and meat, chicken or fish, for a very reasonable price-- $2-3 US. Great for lunches! Following is a small sample of some favorites among cruisers and locals. Each ‘$’ symbol represents approximately $10 US per dinner. “Buen provecho!”  (And yes, you can drink the local water: it’s quite good & a lot tastier and cheaper than the small bottles available.)

$    La Carreta Burger House  Manga,  Carrera 17a, ½ block from Club de Pesca. Burgers, pizza, excellent local lunches and dinnerss. Air conditioned.
$    Pacho Y Guillos  Manga, around the corner from Carulla Express.  Sandro makes great thin-crust pizza, has happy hours every evening.  Second home for cruiser get-togethers during CN reconstruction.
$     Narcobollo:  Manga,  behind Carulla Express.  Mostly a lunch place. Good variety of TYPICAL local        food. Try the pasteles, no matter how bad they look.
$    El Bistro  Centro, Calle de Ayos 4-46in. Inexpensive, delicious food, great for lunch, gets busy. German owners. Several specials on the board, plus sometimes Indian specialties. Great soups. They also sell loaves of bread, mostly wheat. The onion bread is wonderful.
$    Crepes and Waffles. Two locations:  Bocagrande, Calle 3 No. 4–76 and Caribe Plaza Mall.  If you’re in the mood for a gourmet ice cream sundae, this is the place. But there’s also a huge selection of main course crepes, pitas, dessert crepes, blintzes, entrée salads. Cruisers’ favorite and extremely reasonable.
$    Fajitas. Bocagrande, Carrera, 3, #60 (Across from Crepes & Waffles) Tel: 655 1875. Tex-Mex fare; run by an American couple.
$    Mi Dulce Café: Bocagrande, Calle 6-A, Carrera 6 #3-2.  Tel:  665 2827 Sylvia.  Good food.  Also a               training center for women in distress.  A day care for worker’ children is behind the restaurant.
$$     Mila. Calle de Ayos (next to El Bistro) Cel: 314-516-1246, 1247.  Serving sandwiches and dinner.  A beautiful space with amazingly good desserts. Some breads.
$$    De Oliva:  Manga, Cra 17, No. 24-116.  660 6861. Cel: 310 601-0636 . Quiet, air conditioned, great service, fine food with a mid-Eastern touch. The manager, Irene Dimitrio, speaks excellent English. Highly recommended by cruisers. Open for lunch and at 6pm for dinner.
$$    Carbon de Palo Restaurante Parilla  Centro, upstairs on the corner in Santo Domingo Plaza.  Specializes in meat. Fun to look out over the square. Lunch & dinner.
$$    El Mar de Juan Centro, Plaza San Diego, Calle del Torno, Tel: 664 0004. Good seafood restaurant with lovely ambiance and live music.
$$$    La Cevicheria, Calle Stuart, on the side of the Santa Clara Hotel.  Amazing ceviche and other seafood. Try the Suprema de Supremas, shellfish in tomato sauce, served in a crab body or the Tostones Madre Teresa. No reservations. Cash only. Lunch or dinner.
$$$    Quebracho Centro, Calle Baloco 2, near Hotel Charleston, 664 1300, 664 1190 wonderful “Lechoncito,” roast baby suckling pig, good chicken dishes, osso buco. Great atmosphere.
$$$$    Oh! La La  Centro, Calle de Ayos, next to El Bistro.  Cel: 313 555 5021.  Tel: 660 1757. Very dramatic, beautiful space. Very good food.
$$$$     Hotel Santa Clara  Centro, Plaza San Diego.  A super Sunday brunch buffet starts at 11:30.
58.  Shopping
There are simply too many fine stores to list in depth, and discovering them on your own is part of the fun. Following are some shops that have been recommended more than once by cruisers. Buyer beware!  When the cruise ships start rolling in (September, October….), prices around town start going up, up, up!
Artesanias Tradicionales Colombianas(ARTC): Centro, Calle Sta. Teresa, Casa Mapfre, Local 3 Tel: 6662541 Cel: 300 312 8101 e-mail  Mola bags, molas, cushion making etc (Mary).
Las Bovedas:  Centro, in the wall at the waterfront. A huge “mall of stalls”, somewhat repetitive but there are some fine things to be had.  Avoid cruise ship days.  Store #13, El Cacique, is owned by Luis Restrepo, a very nice, helpful man who speaks very good English.
Fegali Joyeros:  Centro, Calle San Juan de Dios, between the Hotel Charleston and San Pedro de Claver. Finer quality gifts and artifacts. Interesting inventory.
Art Gallery : Agua de Lluvia:  Calle del Santisimo No. 8-19. Excellent & unusual high quality crafts, fabrics, pottery, woodwork.
Gallery del Cano: Centro, Plaza Bolivar next door to the Gold Museum. Finely crafted true Colombian crafts. Also beautiful copies of pre-Colombian jewelry. Higher prices. A smaller store is located in the Hotel Santa Clara.
Art Cartagena:  Centro, Claustro de la Merced (beside the Teatro Heredia).  Cel: 315 718 9483; 315 557 6088.  E-Mail:; Norma Uparela Brid. Select gallery showing some of Cartagena’s best creative talent.
Artesenias El Sinuano:  Centro, Calle de la Iglesia #35-68. Wither and Milton Martinez.  Excellent selection of older, better quality molas, both Panamanian and Colombian.  Good people!
Casa del Puro, Calle San Juan de Dios 3-106, near the Hotel Charleston. Careful! What is being sold on the streets is NOT what you get! For real Cuban cigars, come here. Also try their Colombian cigars. Very good & reasonably priced.
The street between the Charleston Hotel and Plaza Santo Domingo has a variety of fine women’s boutiques. You will find good clothing in all price ranges throughout the city.
Juan Valdez  Centro,   Corner of Calle de la Universidad and Calle San Agustin.  Great coffee, even iced and they serve (and sell) decaf as well.  As a bonus, next door is a Brian Zola ice cream shop.
Coffee And….  Bocagrande, Pierino Gallo Shopping Center, Upstairs. Very special coffee even for Colombia!
*Remember, you’re in Colombia! Good coffee is not hard to find! And by the way, there really IS a Juan Valdez!
59.  Emeralds
You won’t get far walking down the streets in Old Town without being approached by someone who has, by far, without question, the absolutely very best buy on emeralds!  AND, he’ll probably promise you a “special price today!”  The fact is, emeralds are a great buy in Cartagena. But you need to do some homework.  Don’t rush, and enjoy the shopping experience.
Mr. Emerald:  Bocagrande, Pierino Gallo Shopping Ctr., Local 2-10, 2nd floor. Tel: 665-6781.  Cel:  300 817 0606. E-mail:  Owner Lee Miles will take time to show you what to look for in an emerald with no obligation to buy. He has a large, high quality inventory and offers substantial discounts to cruisers.
Lucy’s Jewelry & Emerald Store: Centro, Calle Santo Domingo & Calle de la Iglesia #3-77. Tel: 660 0973. E-mail:,  Lucy has  an excellent reputation among cruisers for her warm personality, patience and business ethic as well as her ability to supply beautiful jewelry. Ask for Lucy personally and you will be treated with respect and patience.
Greenlight:  Centro, Calle Santo Domingo.  Tel: 660 1392.  A great option providing original handcrafted jewelry at excellent prices.
60.  Travel Agencies & Airlines
Aviatur:  Santa Clara Hotel,  Tel: 664 9078; 664 9982.  Augusto.  Also at  Bocagrande, Pierino Gallo Shopping Center, 2nd floor. Tel: 665 0101.
Convi Travel Ltda. Getsemani, Calle Larga #10-70. Tel: 664 2653; 665 8311.  Fax: 665 2383.  Email: Patricia speaks English and her agency specializes in cruises, tours (Colombia, Amazon, Peru, etc) & locating apartments for visitors.
Mar y Mar:  Centro, Calle de la Factoria #36-17.  Tel: 664 2964; 664 3843. Fax: 664-2964.  Nasli speaks English and has an excellent reputation for helpfulness.
La Tienda del Turismo: Bocagrande, Cra 3 No. 8-156.  Tel: 655 1919.  Cel: 315 6829370 (Airport Tel: 666 3640 6666757) e-mail:  Their rep Nalda del Rio Cantillo is highly recommended by SV Cyrano.
Calamari Tours: Bocagrande.Cl 5ª No. 4-10. Tel: 665 0529; 665 2470; 665 6896. Cel: 315 731 4686.  Maria del Pilar speaks English.
FENIX Tours:  Bocagrande, Cl 5a no 4-10, Centro Turistico del Caribe, Local 102. Tel:  665 0529:  665 6896.  Cel: 315 731 4684. Maria del Pilar Daza Covo has always had an excellent reputation.
Avianca Airlines:  Bocagrande, Cra. 3 No. 8-129. Tel: 665 1950.
Copa Airlines:  Centro, Calle Castelbondo No. 2-107. Tel: 664 8289.
61.  Out-of-town
If you are planning to travel within Colombia, it is important to keep in mind that while security has greatly improved throughout much of the country, some journeys by road continue to present a risk! It may be safer to fly, and/or make arrangements with a tour operator!!!
Islas de Rosarios:  If you don’t want to sail to these beautiful islands yourself, boats are available for hire from the fishing dock just outside the clock tower, for day trips. A popular stop there is the Aquarium. There are several full service chalet facilities available to enjoy a ‘crystal water’ break. The Santa Clara Hotel (5 star) owns Hotel San Pedro de Majagua-- beach bungalows.  Make travel arrangements and reservations at the Santa Clara Hotel in the city. Also check out Isla Kalua (near the Oceanario) for a special treat. Cel: 311 635 2117.  E-mail . Another great place for a weekend relax is the Island Cabaña hotel complex on Isla Pirata (the Eastern end of the Island group).
Horticultural Gardens: Turbaco. Day excursion a taxi ride away. Get together with the gang at Club Nautico and turn the visit into a party (and save).
Santa Marta:  The town is a 3 to 4 hour long bus ride away. Museums, beaches, restaurants. Gets you out of the hustle and bustle of Cartagena. Hike to the Lost City (5 days).  Dockmaster John has details.
Villa Babilla Ecological tour, croc farm, ½ day trip, reported to be well worth the effort! Contact Juan Carlos Lopez, tour guide. Tel: 663 9068, 663 9058.
Colombia has so many fascinating places to visit.  Cartagena can be your base for exploring .

* Many cruisers have compiled information for this guide over the years, with coordination and assistance from John Halley, dock master at Club Nautico. Feedback from cruisers is both welcome and needed to keep information current.  Provide your input to John at Club Nautico, and help others in your wake enjoy their stay.  Thank you, y bienvenidos a Cartagena!


Report of meeting organized by Lee Miles (Mr. Emerald), and Doug and Linda (SV Que Linda). Some 40 cruisers were at Club Nautico for the meeting held January 2007.

VHF CNANNELS 16, 13, 11
The Port Captain’s office and the Coast Guard are happy to see cruisers making intermediary stops at the Islas Rosarios, Islas San Bernado (Is. Tintipan), Punto San Bernado, Isla Fuerte and Zapsurro Bay (on the Colombian Panamanian border).
Between Cartagena and Panama there are Coast Guard stations at Islas del Rosario, Coveñas (which covers both Islas San Bernardo and Isla Fuerte), and in Turbo in the Gulf of Urabá (which covers Zapsurro Bay). There are significant gaps in the coverage of VHF along the coast, although the fixed stations are supplemented by Coast Guard units that are constantly on patrol.
The Coast Guard asks that you help them support you by:

1.Filing a VOLUNTARY float plan or itinerary with Port Captain's office.
2.Reporting your departure upon getting your anchor up in Cartagena.
3.Reporting any suspicious vessel or activity anywhere you see it.

1.  File a VOLUNTARY float plan 
(By e- mail when getting your zarpe)
Planned itinerary from Cartagena until leaving Colombian waters.  Those boats leaving the Netherlands Antilles or elsewhere headed for Colombian waters may do so as well, e-mailing to the same address. Port Captain’s Office e-mail:
Note:  You can fill out the Spanish version of the format below and cut and paste it into a message to the Port Captain's Office; (the English version should help you understand what you are declaring).
E-mail To:

Subj: Reporte Itinerario de embarcación extranjera




DE BANDERA   (Country/Flag)
TIPO (Sailboat, powerboat, trawler)
AGENCIA MARITIMA ___(Ship’s Agent in Colombia, if known)___
ITINERARIO __(tentative itinerary in Colombian waters, approximate dates)_
PUERTO DE ORIGEN Y FECHA ___(Port you are leaving from and est. date of departure)__
NOMBRE DEL CAPITAN (Captain’s name)  

English version:
Subj:    Float Plan of a foreign vessel
To:    Small boats, Port Captain, Cartagena

Float Plan of a Foreign Vessel
THIS IS THE VESSEL (Name of vessel)
TYPE OF VESSEL (Sailboat , Powerboat)
MY SHIPPING AGENT IS (Name of Agent, if known)
ITINERARY or FLOAT PLAN (tentative itinerary in Colombian waters, approximate dates)
PORT OF ORIGIN AND DATE: (Port you are leaving from and departure date)
NAME OF CAPTAIN (Captain’s Name)                                                                                                                        

2.  Procedure for reporting departure

Call "Guardacostas" ("Goo-AHR-dah-COAST-Ah") on Channel 16/13/11
They will answer and ask you to change channel, normally to Channel 14 (Kah-nahl Kah-TORE-Say).
Indicate the name of your vessel, your current position, and which way you plan to exit the Bay of Cartagena (Boca Chica or Boca Grande)
Either call on VHF Channel 16,13,11 or e-mail to:
Subj: Reporte Salida (llegada) Embarcación Extranjera


DE BANDERA      (Country/Flag)    
TIPO (Sailboat, powerboat, trawler)
AGENCIA MARITIMA ___(Ship’s Agent in Colombia)___
PUERTO DE DESTINO __(Final destination, including intermediary stops)_
PUERTO DE ORIGEN ___(Port you are leaving from)__
NOMBRE DEL CAPITAN (Captain’s name)  
LA NAVE TIENE (     Number of crew members     ) TRIPULANTES
LUGAR DE ZARPE O ATRAQUE_(Cartagena Bay, Dock of Club Nautico, etc)_

English version:

Subject:  Departure (Arrival) of a Foreign Vessel
Report to the Coast Guard Station, Cartagena

“Attention: Coast Guard Station, Cartagena”

This is vessel (Name of vessel)
Carrying the flag of (Country)
Type (Sailboat , Powerboat )
My shipping agent is (Name of Agent)
Port of destination (Final destination and intermediate stops)
Port of origin: (Port you are leaving from)
Name of Captain (Captain’s Name)
The vessel has (Number) crewmembers.
Place of departure or arrival (Cartagena Bay, Dock of Club Nautico, etc.)

3.  Reporting suspicious activity

Call at any time on VHF channels 16, 13, 11.
Between Cartagena and Panama there are Coast Guard stations at Islas del Rosario, Coveñas (which covers both Islas San Bernardo and Isla Fuerte), and in Turbo in the Gulf of Urabá (which covers Zapsurro Bay). There are significant gaps in the coverage of VHF along the coast, although the fixed stations are supplemented by Coast Guard units that are constantly on patrol.
You may send a confidential e-mail to <>. This address can be used for communications relevant to all locations along the Colombian Caribbean coast from Venezuela to Panama.

If you sight a suspicious vessel or for any other reason need to contact the Colombian Coast Guard anywhere along the Colombian coast:
Telephone: +57 (5) 655-0316
Satellite Phone:  881631710707
Mobile(cell phone) +57 315 702 0120 or +57 310 710 1668.
or e-mail
To:  <>
Subj:  Reporte de motonave sospechosa u otra anomalía

ESTA ES LA EMBARCACION (name of your vessel)
EN POSICION LATITUD (degrees/minutes Lat.)
Y LONGITUD (degrees/minutes  Lon.)
RUMBO (your course in degrees)
VELOCIDAD (your speed in knots)
SE A VISTA UNA EMBARCACION SOSPECHOSA (‘I have seen a suspicious vessel’)
TIPO (description suspicious vessel: fishing boat, canoe, fiberglass with outboard motor(s), etc)
COLOR DEL CASCO __(hull color of  suspicious vessel)
COLOR DE LA SUPER ESTRUCTURA _(superstructure color, suspicious vessel)
RUMBO (its heading in degrees)
VELOCIDAD (its speed)
POSICION LATITUD (Degrees, minutes Lat.)
Y LONGITUD (Degrees, minutes Lon.)
HORA EN QUE SE VIO LA EMBARCACION _(Time of sighting and time zone)
English version:
Subject:    Report of a suspicious vessel or other anomaly
Report of a suspicious vessel to the Cartagena Coast Guard Station

"Attention Coast Guard"
This is the vessel: (name of your vessel)
Located at: (your position, degrees/minutes Latitude; degrees/minutes Longitude)
My heading: (course)
My Speed: (speed)
I have sighted a suspicious vessel
Type (fishing boat, canoe, fiberglass with outboard motor(s), etc.)
Color of hull (of suspicious vessel)
Color of superstructure, if any (of suspicious vessel)
Heading, suspicious vessel: (heading)
Speed, of suspicious vessel: (speed)
Position, of suspicious vessel: (degrees/minutes Latitude; degrees/minutes Longitude)
Time of sighting: (time and time zone).

Note: Due to the delicate nature of reporting suspicious activity, anonymous calls are also welcomed in these cases (this was confirmed during a meeting held 9th March 2008 at Club Nautico with representation from both the Port Captain’s office, and the Coast Guard).

Officers from the Port Captain’s office and the Coast Guard have expressed their sincere hopes that you have an enjoyable experience both in Cartagena and along the Colombian coast.  Without wanting to restrict your movements, they ask that you keep them informed of where you are and where you are headed so that they are better prepared to provide support.

If you wish to contact the Commander, Caribbean, Colombia Coast Guard in person: (currently Cpt. Miguel Vargas)  <>; or the Commanding Officer, Cartagena Station: (currently Capt. Mauricio Echandia)

Emergency Telephone numbers:

Cell phone:                +57 310 710-1668  OR +57 315 702 0120
Direct telephone: +57 5(if calling outside Cartagena) 655-0316 (Coast Guard Station, Cartagena)

Other emergency numbers in case of suspicious activity within the Inner Bay of Cartagena:
24HRs  655 0316  (prefix by 035 if using a cell phone) and cell No. 314 596 0131

 (Please note: "57" is the Colombia country code; "5" is the Cartagena city code  (Not applicable to cell phone numbers)

Civilian coordinator in Cartagena:
 Lee Miles:  E-mail: or

Official anchorages for recreational vessels.

The Port Captain has expressed his concern that many sailboats are anchoring well outside the designated anchorage area. Try to anchor within the designated areas or as close as possible to them. Be careful to allow frigates/cruise liners (plus tugs) manoeuvering room to moor alongside the dock immediately to our South East. Note that although designated an official anchorage 'Area de Fondeo No. 1' effectively is not so. The Coast Guard will ask you to move for security reasons (too near to military base).

Area de Fondeo (Anchorage) No. 1  ( Bahia  de Las Animas):

1.Lat: 10deg 25’ 5.6’’ N     Long: 75deg 32’ 52.5’’W(approx)
2.Lat: 10deg 25’ 4.6’’ N     Long: 75deg 32’ 53.8’’W
3.Lat: 10deg 25’ 0.4’’ N     Long: 75deg 32’ 44.7’’W
4.Lat: 10deg 24’ 58.3’’N    Long: 75deg 32’ 47.5’’W
Area de Fondeo(the main anchorage surrounding Club Nautico)No. 2 (marked out by following positions):

1.Lat: 10deg 24’49.7’’ N    Long: 75deg 32’’ 41.o’’W
2.Lat: 10deg 24’43.9’’ N    Long: 75deg 32’  34.9’’W
3.Lat: 10deg 24’ 39.8’’N    Long: 75deg 32’  26.7’’W
4.Lat: 10deg 24’ 38.0’’N    Long: 75deg 32’  28.0’’W
5.Lat: 10deg 24’ 41.2’’N    Long: 75deg 32’  37.1’’W
6.Lat: 10deg 24’ 48.6’’N    Long: 75deg 32’ 42.4’’ W

It is important to keep some distance from the ‘Muelle Turistico’ (also referred to as the Terminal Touristico) as this is occasionally used by visiting frigates where Tugs will need working room.

It is important to keep well inside the Red Buoys marking the channel leading to the Bahia de Animas and the docks ‘Muelle de Bodeguita’ and ‘Muelle de Pegasus’

Emergency Calls (Numeros de Urgencia):
The following are free (no charge) phone numbers:
Centro regulador de Urgencia……………………..            125
Policía Nacional..............................................………       112
Firestation. (Bomberos)…………………………….            119
Traffic Police (Transito) ……………………………           127
The following are fixed line phone numbers.  If calling from a cell phone, first
dial the prefix 035:
Ambulante (Servicio de Ambulancia AMI)                  665-3119,    665-3121
Coast Guard (Estación Guardacostas Cartagena)                 655-0315
CoastGuard  Anti Narcotics Co-operative net (Red de Cooperantes)      655 0316
Cel:  310 710 1668                                                           146 - 152

Tel/Fax 57 5 660 4863