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Update Feb 18, 2021

Certified PCR Covid tests are now required; taken within 96 hours of arrival, or when you arrive.

If arriving without  suitable tests you will need to wait at the anchorage (or your marina berth) for a health official to test all aboard. This is arranged through your maritime agent.  You might need to wait 2 nights anchored before being allowed to leave your vessel. 

The charge for the PCR test (per crew) will likely be $350,000 pesos or more. Roughly 100 usd per crew  member.

(Agency Alasmar is quoting  350,000 with same day results) 

Contact a Maritime agent before departing (be clear on the charges -they vary). They will become your legal representatives while in Colombia.  Clear arrival instructions should be given. You will be issued with an arrival security number (locally referred to as a 'numero consecutiva')

This security number is required to  to  enter the Port and must be obtained before sailing for  Cartagena.

Bio security restrictions and social distancing remain   in force. 

See Cruising Guide for maritime agency options.




Enjoy a great Pizza with a spectacular  roof terrace view

Open all evenings between 17.00 and 22.00

Open 17.00 to 22.00

Dedicated to the sailing and powerboat community worldwide.


Droning March 2021

March 2021
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Centro Historico
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Entering the small craft entrance at Bocagrande on 8ft draft sailboat

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Club Nautico marina in the historic city of Cartagena, Colombia.

Dedicated to the sailing and powerboat community worldwide.

The marina is very well located, a short walk from the historic center with the added convenience of a supermarket just 2 minutes away. We are continually developing to provide the services expected of a modern marina. The security of your vessel and the crew onboard is our priority with a family touch that reflects the history and development of this marina. Once a haven for international sailors. Now catering to all classes of recreational vessels.

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Our Story

Adapting to changing times

Founders Norman and Candelaria Trucco  de Bennett and their family bringing to life a marina on the once neglected shoreline of Manga! Pioneers in welcoming cruising sailors to Colombia.