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General enquiries and marina reservations

We would like to keep you fully informed about the marina, its fees, services including those available locally and within Colombia. Also anything that might tweak your interest!

If it concerns berthing  please include vessel dimensions (overall length, beam and draft) and vessel type.   Also your electrical and custodial needs.                               Thank you


we will get back to you soon. Thank you.


We provide med tie options for most types of recreational and charter vessels from 3 mtrs to 55 mtrs overall length.

While not a good option for low freeboard vessels less than 50 ft,  there may be a side tie available on the outer dock during the dry season (December to May). A straighforward arrival with no need for our diver to attach lines to underwater moorings. These side ties are for short term stays .

Plenty of fenders are required protecting against occasion wakes from passing launches. 

On the outer docks setting an anchor and berthing stern to the dock is an option but between May and November an additional sturdy mooring line must be attached to underwater moorings as a precaution against short lived squalls.

For an extended stay it is much better to employ a med tie up with at least 2 mooring lines attached to underwater moorings by our diver. A Pasarella is often needed. If not available, a boarding plank may suffice (secured to your vessel).

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